Celebrity Kristen Bell And Elderly Hurricane Irma Evacuees Have A Party

Celebrity Kristen Bell And Elderly Hurricane Irma Evacuees Have A Party _ Everything Inspirational

Actor Kristen Bell (famous for being the voice of ‘Anna’ in Disney’s Frozen) was shooting a movie in Orlando when the path of Hurricane Irma began to shift.  Unable to leave, her team prepared to make the best of a tense situation with other local Irma Evacuees.

As the storm approached, several hundred Senior Citizens were evacuated from the local area.  They were moved into the Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort where Kristen and crew were settling in.  Being a “people person”, Kristen decided she would get to know her neighbors and use her talents to keep them relaxed.

The party that ensued is sure to be the highlight of their Hurricane Irma Evacuation! Kristen posted on her Instagram account a diary of her time in Orlando riding out the storm.  Through the process of being kind and lending a helping hand, Kristen has made lots of new friends!

11. Preparing For The Storm #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors

“Every person I passed today was assisting someone else- #neighborshelpingneighbors – it was beautiful to see.”


10. ‘Frozen’ Karaoke With Irma Evacuees In A Middle School

This was today’s wonderful surprise from Kristen Bell to Meadow Woods Middle School shelter! She’s amazing! @meadowwoodsms



9. Kristen Made New Friends And Shared Joy

Dining with all my new friends! #irma #hurricaneirma

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With hundreds of Senior Citizens at the hotel, Kristen didn’t miss an opportunity to visit with as many as possible. Here they are having a meal together.


8. Calling BINGO Can Be Intense

With a little help from Frozen’s ‘Anna’, Kristen was ready to tackle some serious games of BINGO!


7. John And Kristen Sang Duets

Kristen tagged her husband, Dax, in the post and let him know that John was happily filling in as her “side piece”.


6. Corey Cries Tears Of Happiness

Guys, Corey cries when she’s happy too!!!! #soulmates #hurricaneirma #besthurricaneever #atriaseniorliving

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So many of these evacuees could have spent their time feeling lost and alone. Kristen and her crew made sure that wasn’t going to happen!


5. Hurricane Irma Massages

This has to be the best way to wait out a storm!  The Spa staff gave free massages to the elderly evacuees.  What a lovely way to keep everyone calm and relaxed!


4. Clara Proved She Was Strong Enough To Tackle A Hurricane

Do NOT let the frail frame fool you. Clara has the grip of Jean-claude Van Damme. #besthurricaneever #atriaseniorliving

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manda_brew@kristenanniebell I have been working in with the elderly for 10 years as a nursing assistant. And it just warms my heart to see you having such a great time with them while riding out the hurricane .. Some people think they don’t have anything to offer. But if you just listen and take the time,you just fall in love.. 💓 💓


3. Hurricane Irma Wheelchair Racing In The Dark

While there isn’t much to see in this clip, the joy of the participants can’t be denied. When there is a Hurricane knocking at your door, the best medicine is midnight wheelchair racing!


2. Helping Families Find Refuge

Kristen and her crew were eager to step up and help out the Hurricane Irma Evacuees however they could.  When she wasn’t playing BINGO and hosting Midnight Wheelchair Races, Kristen was helping families find a temporary place to call home.


1. Keeping “Gma” And Aunts From Fighting Hurricanes With Helmets

Word got around about Kristen hanging out with the folks from Atria Senior Living as they waited out Hurricane Irma. Check out this interview with Kristen and her new friends on Jimmy Kemmel Live.

WATCH: Kristen Bell And Friends On Late-Night Television



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