Pelican Attacks Weatherman And He Can’t Stop Laughing

Pelican Attacks Weatherman And He Can't Stop Laughing _ everything inspirational


A weatherman got more than he bargained for while doing a live taping at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. Not getting enough air time, this pelican attacks.

Steve Jacobs of Channel Nine’s Today Show wasn’t prepared for the hilarious situation he would find himself in while on-site at the Taronga Zoo.  Steve started by sharing that the pelicans are being trained to be apart of the seal show and work as animal ambassadors. There was a little foreshadowing when Steve introduced Marnie, the pelican, to the viewers.  Marnie promptly displayed his displeasure at being on camera by giving a little snap and side step toward Steve.

“We might just go straight into the weather, ’cause they’re having a little bit of a morning enjoying their fish.”

All seems well as Steve begins his national weather report. But a few seconds in he can be heard screaming and laughing. Of course, his coworkers don’t miss a beat and quickly turn the camera shot from the weather map back to Steve.  At this point, the weatherman is pinned against a wall by Marnie, who is happily pecking away at Steve’s backside!

“Let me go,” Jacobs cried out.

“You love itsays one of his co-hosts between laughter.

Still laughing as the zookeeper pulls Marnie off of Steve, he says “I’m mentally scarred” between giggles.  Of course, he wasn’t at all hurt, just shocked.  His hysterical laugh and humorous comments during the moment were what made it that much funnier.

“Its beak can fit more than its belly can, I’ll tell you what,” he said.

His laughter and precarious situation are hilarious! We’re sure that it will take a long time for this weatherman to live down his starring role on “When Pelican Attacks”.

WATCH: Pelican Attacks Weatherman 

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