90-Year-Old Skater Struggled To Walk But Amazed on The Ice

90-year-old skater Yvonne Dowlen

90-Year-Old Skater is an Inspiration on Ice

90-year-old skater, Yvonne Dowlen was still ice skating at least five days a week. She rose to fame as an Ice Capades star and never officially retired from competitive figure skating. This short film about Yvonne, Edges, is a celebration of the longevity of life and resilience of the human spirit.

Yvonne maintained that it was easier to skate than to walk saying, ¬†“you push with one foot and you stand on the other one. You don’t have to keep moving your feet all the time. Skating is just. . .it’s just fun!”

Yvonne enjoyed skating even through the hard times, including the traumatic accident that nearly claimed her life when she was 80. She was hospitalized for 10 days with bleeding on the brain, and doctors thought she’d never skate again. She was back on the ice just two short months later.

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When she was 88 years old, she faced what may have been her biggest obstacle yet, but even that deadly scare was no match for Yvonne’s determination and strong will.

What you do with your life, and what you find enjoyable with your life is up to you. And I think it’s wonderful if you find things you like to do with your life.

“I like waking up in the morning, because I know I have another day.” Yvonne concluded.

WATCH: 90-year-old Skater – Inspirational Story

Edges from Balcony Nine Media on Vimeo.