Divine Intervention Sends Police To A Grieving Mom’s Attic

Police Show Up At A Yard Sale For A Divine Purpose

Samantha Swaney and her husband, Don, were setting up for their annual yard sale when the police showed up. At first they worried they were in some kind of trouble. But as it turns out, the reason for the officers’ visit was divine intervention!

A Family In Need

The police officers had just responded to a call that involved a family in need. The family was having a very tough time financially, and desperately needed a crib for their 3-month-old baby. So, the kind officers decided they were going to buy a crib for the family. That’s when they saw Samantha’s yard sale, and stopped to see if the couple might happen to be selling one.

There was no crib for sale at the yard sale. But as soon as the officers explained the situation to Samantha, she knew God had sent them to her house for a reason!

That moment — as soon as he said it — there wasn’t even a moments hesitation,” Samantha said. “It was just right.”

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Credit: WSB-TV News

A Grieving Mom

You see, several years ago, Samantha and Don had lost their baby boy during labor. After the heartbreaking loss, Samantha just wasn’t able to bring herself to part with their son’s crib. So, the brand new crib was eventually tucked away in the attic.

But the instant the police officer told Samantha why they had stopped, she knew it was no coincidence. God had assigned a special purpose to the crib her son had never gotten the chance to use.

I know it was supernatural, honestly, because God knew there was a baby who needed a crib,” she said.

Without hesitation, Samantha and Don took the officers to the attic and gave them the brand new crib for the family in need, free of charge.

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Credit: Facebook / Conyers Police Department

Hearing the couple’s story left the police convinced of divine intervention as well.

Perfect time is the right thing to say because with my belief, everything happens for a reason,” one of the officers said.

It was such an amazing experience for all involved that Samantha just had to share it! She posted the story on the Conyers Police Department Facebook page.

Thanks to the kindness of these two police officers and God’s incredible plan, a family in need received a much needed blessing that day. But they weren’t the only ones. It was a gift for the Samantha, too.

They gave me a way to let go of one of the biggest things I was holding onto from my son’s cut-short life,” the grieving mom said. “They weren’t looking for praise, they were responding to a need.”

The Lord truly can put anything to work for good!


h/t: WSB-TV News