9 Chicken Shaming Photos You Can Oddly Relate To Are Hysterical

chicken shaming we can relate to

This silly look at farm life pokes fun at some of the problems happening in the hen house. But some of these chicken shaming pictures reminded me a little of myself. I mean, can we really be judged for our actions before morning coffee?

There is something about a chicken that instantly makes folks chuckle. Perhaps it’s the serious look they give while plotting their next devious move.

While many frequently think of chicken as only a dinner item, they have so much more to offer.  These sassy birds are letting their personalities hang out! We want you to come along for the ride.

1. This Chick Isn’t Afraid To Take On The Man

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This hen isn’t about to let the fellas get the best of her. She’s here to prove that double standards do not apply to foul!

2. When You Know Your Shower Is Overdue

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This is the chicken equivalent to sleeping in your sweats Friday night and going grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon. . . still wearing said sweats.

3.  Clearly, This Chick Hasn’t Had Her Morning Coffee

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There is definitely a gauntlet thrown on this one. Someone stole this chicks morning happiness and she’s going to make sure they pay.

4. Netflix Never Asked If She Was ‘Still Watching’… And The Couch Was Super Comfy


A chick’s gotta stick to their guns. No ice cream? No Eggs. This Netflix-binging chook isn’t interested in your need for a protein-high breakfast.

5. Jerry Was Being A Jerk And Dorothy Needed To Vent

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Sometimes you gotta go with what you know. Clearly this gal has a future in web content.

6. Introverts Are So Misunderstood

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Please kindly go away, I’m introverting. — Beth Buelow

With the Instagram post was this status:  “Cluckety Cluck. We’ve tried threatening, reasoning, and peer pressure. None of it has worked. Now we move to social media!”

Wondering if this gal ever plugged in to the egg-laying club?

7. A Chick’s Gotta Eat!


Whoops! Did I do that? Who hasn’t downed a burger and looked down at her plate wondering where it went?

8.  Hand Over The Chips… Or Else


There are no empty threats with this one.  No chips = a whole lotta cleaning for Mom.

9. Barnyard Boss

Able to hold her own against a dog? Clearly this chick is into fitness…Fitness whole bowl of dog food in her mouth!

10. Not Working Overtime


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This guy wasn’t about to work the weekend shift. He knew if he gave in that one time, it would be 24/7 expectations!

11. Hen House Bully


#petshaming #chickenshaming

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Definitely not a “cat person”. This guy’s taking names. Watch out!

credit: Instagram #ChickenShaming

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