Man Stops To Help Lost Dog But Learns Dog Just Loves To Visit

Man Stops To Help Lost Dog But Learns Dog Just Loves To Visit _ Dew Dog _ everything inspirational

When 19 year old Tyler came across Dew at a gas station, he thought he found a lost dog. Further inspection revealed a unique situation. Dew is an explorer.

A dog with a wanderlust. Dew can’t stay in one place and just wants to meet and visit with people.  When his owners figured out his penchant to roam, they knew that they couldn’t hold him back. So they gave him a special message on his collar:

“My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home,” Dew’s collar reads.

This doggy has the joy of living on a 70 acre farm where he is free to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.  Because Dew often likes to wander into the nearby town for a little extra affection, he wears a GPS tracker as well.  His family, the Lees, know that he needs to be roam but they want him to be as safe as possible. And of course, the town people know him well and look after him also.

“He is very monitored,” his family said. “[He] does not go far, is home every night, and does not miss a meal.”

Not A Lost Dog

But what happens when passersby encounter Dew? Not knowing his story, they often think that this affectionate doggy is lost and they want to help.  That’s what happened to Tyler Wilson when he stopped for gas at the local station which happens to be on the end of the family’s property.

Dew doesn’t just visit the gas station.  He frequents the nearby school, the firehouse, and the neighbors.

“The firehouse guys just love him, he has even been on rides with them,” Lee said.


Dew at Zoneton Fire Department #Dewsadventures Photo credit : Dustin Headley

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Others make extra hamburgers and steaks for Dew’s visits. He’s been known to comfort those in distress and cheer on the local youth at sporting events! But most impressive is Dew’s understanding to follow the directions on his collar. When you are finished loving on him, tell him to “go home” and off he strolls to rest with his family and start the next day with a fresh adventure!

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