Doggies Are Given Opportunity To ‘Fess Up’ After Causing Trouble

Doggies Are Given Opportunity To 'Fess Up' After Causing Trouble _ harley and loa anderson _ everything inspirational

When these two doggies were called out for taking a cookie and causing trouble, they knew it was bad news.  Mom wasn’t going to let them off easy.

“I will give you plenty of time to think about it…”

We’ve all been there.  Either a sibling or a friend did something they shouldn’t have and then you both receive “the talk”. Uh oh!  But who will take the rap?

With the most repentant of faces, they listen so intently on what comes next. Knowing the hammer is about to fall.

“…to search your soul…to figure out what the right answer is going to be…”

Oh, Mom! You are really laying it on thick. These doggies know they are really in the dog house!

“I will give you the opportunity to do the right thing…”

Before she had even gotten to the real question, one doggie knew what he was going to do. No question. He wasn’t taking the blame for this!

“Who took the cookie off of the counter?”

And there it was. The hardest question. But without a thought, the guilty party was quickly turned in.  These fellas better not resort to a life of crime together! Someone is going to pay!

WATCH: Doggies Called Out For Causing Trouble

credit: Facebook/Neill McNeill WGHP Fox 8

WATCH: Full Clip Of Doggies Getting In Trouble

credit: Youtube/Harley and Loa

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