20-Year-Old Pony Makes Miraculous Return After Being Swept Away In Raging Flood

20-Year-Old Pony Swept Away In Flood Found 13 Days Later

On New Zealand’s North Island a 20-year-old thoroughbred mare named Voice was found 13 days after being swept away in flood waters. A total of 3 storms caused the mass amounts of flooding in areas of the island. Currie went searching for the horse but hadn’t found him until 2 weeks later. Caked in river sand but otherwise in good shape, Voice returned home safely. Voice had been stuck somewhere on the river bank unable to free himself. Miraculously, after receiving a much needed bath only a few minor scratches were found on the horse. Being unable to eat for so long had left the poor horse very skinny and in need of a bit of care.

Currie never gave up hope when searching for Voice. With determination and a bit of luck she located her long lost horse.  Voice is needing care but is on the mend. Finding Voice weeks after the flood is truly amazing.  It just goes to show that a story that started with a tragedy can end in happiness.

credit: sunnyskyz