Nailbiting Rescue of Tiny Kitten From Busy Traffic

man rescues kitten from traffic

Man Rescues Kitten From Busy Traffic

A driver in Russia spied something on the side of the road, and stopped his car. Then the man rescues kitten who was inches from death!

This suspenseful video had me on the edge of my seat. A car is just riding down a busy street when a tiny kitten appears on the right side of the road. When it stepped off the curb and began to cross the street, the driver quickly stopped the car and rushed into traffic to catch the poor kitty. Right before he gets there, the kitten is nearly run over by the rear tire of a car that the poor animal walked right toward! When he scooped up the seemingly unharmed cat I could just feel the relief wash over me! This kitty just used up a bunch of its nine lives with this scary adventure. Thankfully, this kind man was on hand to save the poor kitten.

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WATCH: Man Rescues Kitten from Being Run Over

credit: rumble