WATCH: He Takes A Selfie Every Day From Age 12 To His Wedding Day

WATCH: He Takes A Photo Every Day From Age 12 To His Wedding Day _ hugo cornellier _ everything inspirational

Hugo Cornellier has taken one selfie every day since he was 12-years-old.  The images start in 2008 and continue until Hugo’s wedding in 2017.  He considers this unique project to be a gift to his future children.

“Imagine being able to watch a similar video that one of your parents made,” he told fans on Reddit. “Part of why I’m doing this is because I know how crazy it will be for my kids … to see when I’m older.”

Now an Mechanical Engineer, Hugo can be seen in many of the adulthood photos sitting in front of a computer.  But over the course of the video, each photo shows Hugo’s face in a similar position.  This is due to Hugo manually stabilizing them when he created the time-lapse video.

Hugo admits that he still continues with the selfie project.  He doesn’t expect to stop any time soon. Watch for a new video every year.  That’s dedication!

WATCH: Hugo’s Selfie Every Day Project

credit: Youtube/Hugo Cornellier


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