Waitress Pours Into Her Community And They Thank Her With A Surprise

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Colleen is known for taking care of those around her.  She always wanted to serve others. This waitress uses her employment at Red Robin as a way to pour into her community. Colleen has worked at this restaurant for more than a decade. In that time, she has been a bright spot in many local’s lives.

It takes a really unique personality to want to serve others on a daily basis. Colleen is known by family and friends for her desire to help others, often to the detriment of her own life.

After seeing how selfless Colleen is, her manager and coworkers decided they wanted to throw her a surprise party as a ‘thank you’.  But not just any party – one that included her regular customers. The biggest surprise though, was flying in her out-of-state daughter for a visit.

Red Robin wanted to honor one of their outstanding employees. So they contacted the Youtube project “Dude Be Nice” to see if this might be the right story of goodwill for their channel.  Out of 150 candidates, Colleen’s story was easily chosen. Of course, there was no question!

Because the staff and community were so good at keeping a secret, Colleen helped plan her own party without knowing it!

In order to pull off the surprise, local police officers helped set up a fake interrogation in the parking lot. Colleen was questioned about being a part of a counterfeit money ring based on a recent event. She was given a fake $20 bill and had contacted the police immediately. But in order to add a little shock to the moment, they questioned her like she was in trouble! All to give a few extra minutes to those inside Red Robin waiting to surprise her.

Colleen walked into the restaurant slightly upset from the officer’s questioning but was instantly hit with confetti and cheers of her friends, family and regular patrons!  When she noticed her out-of-town daughter, her excitement couldn’t be contained. Colleen was incredibly blessed to have so many people love on HER for a change!

WATCH: Community Gives Back To Waitress

credit: Youtube/DUDEBeNice

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