Touching 9/11 Photo Tribute With ‘Amazing Grace’ Reminds Us To Love

Touching 9/11 Photo Tribute With 'Amazing Grace' Reminds Us To Love _ everything inspirational

Our country will always be tender from the tragedy on 9-11.  Every single life was affected on that day. We join in remembering our fallen family, friends, and first responders. Together we remember that on 9/11 and the days surrounding, our country was the perfect image of brotherly love. There was no division, we were all Americans.

As this difficult day “9-11” comes around each year, we take a moment to say “thank you”.  “Thank you” to those who helped others, to those who sacrificed, to those who encouraged.  In their stories, we find comfort in knowing that we have each other’s backs.

‘Amazing Grace’ is the perfect song to sing as we reflect back on that day. May we never forget and continue to pray for our nation each and every day.

Touching 9/11 Photo Tribute With 'Amazing Grace' Reminds Us To Love _ everything inspirational
credit: Reuters/DailyMail

This day is hard for so many of us, we pray that you will find peace and comfort in your community.  Our hope is that in remembrance we will strive to respect and be compassionate to others.

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4 Amazing 9/11 Stories You May Not Have Heard

Continue reading for incredible stories of strangers helping those in need and survivor testimonies that will remind you of God’s love!

9/11 Story: Flight Attendant Witnesses Incredible Humanity When Plane Is Rerouted

When we remember September 11, it’s hard not to focus on the sadness and the sheer terror from that day. But amidst the stories of loss and tragedy, there are also many of the loving unity that arose from the ashes of the terrifying attack. A flight attendant on a Delta flight rerouted during the attacks shares the compassion she witnessed firsthand.

The shock of it all caused a collective pause, as people struggled to make sense of what had just occurred. But the stunned pause quickly gave way to action. People all across the world put aside differences and came together — to minister, to mend, to offer support and to love.

This is the story of a Delta flight rerouted to Canada due to the attacks. A flight attendant who was onboard tells the story. It began circulating the internet in 2001, and goes to show that light shall not be overcome by darkness.

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9/11 Survivor Testimony of Man Who Thought He’d Die in World Trade Center

On Sept. 11, 2001, Sujo John was working in World Trade Center Tower 1 when American Airlines Flight 11 tore through his building.

After several hours, he managed to escape with his life. But for John, the terror of that day was not over yet. His wife’s office was in the second World Trade Center tower.

John had barely begun his workday on the 81st floor when he heard a loud explosion.

As flames burst through the office, John and his co-workers quickly headed for the stairwell.

“I thought I would die,” John said. “The building was swaying and we could feel the building tilting to the left, fighting our way through the fire making our way to the stairwell.”

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The Bible Verse Fused To 9/11 Rubble Exposes An Important Message

God often sends signs in times of tragedy — we just have to look for them. Responders weren’t necessarily looking for a sign from God as they sifted through the destruction following the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. But that’s just what they uncovered in a chunk of rubble from the Twin Towers found with a Bible verse fused to it. And the powerful message it contained is just as important today as it was then!

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The Mystery Of The Missing 9/11 Flag Is Solved

A picture of three firefighters raising the American flag amidst the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 became a beautiful symbol of hope. However, the flag — now called the Ground Zero flag — went missing soon thereafter. Its whereabouts remained a mystery for well over a decade. But miraculously, the missing flag is now back where it should be!

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