Girl’s Hilarious Chat With Mom After Wisdom Teeth Pulled

Girl Gets Wisdom Teeth Pulled and Has A Hilarious Convo With Mom _ everything inspirational

Girl’s Hilarious Chat With Mom After Wisdom Teeth Pulled

On the way to get a smooth milkshake after having her wisdom teeth pulled, Karly Weed has a hilarious and honest conversation with her mom.

Karly has yet come to her full senses after having a medicated surgery, and the things that she says will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Karly talks about the nice lady at her surgery, modesty, body image, why she likes the type of milkshakes that she does, and she apologizes to her mom for something that happened in the past.

When you hear what Karly thinks of her mom, and what insect she compares her own body to, you can’t help but laugh. Karly even takes a moment to give some encouragement to the driver next to her with a thumbs up.

This teenaged girl’s commentary is nothing short of hysterical, and her antics will leave you in stitches.

WATCH: Girl’s Conversation After Teeth Pulled
credit: RachelReed

The best thing about watching this video is seeing the unconditional love between a mother and a daughter. Karly’s mom is so patient with her even through those “oh boy” moments. You can tell that Karly has been raised right, and that she loves her mom even though they may have had the typical teen-aged falling out.

Even though this video shows her silly side, Karly is such a bright young lady. Once the medicine wears off, we are sure that Karly will got a kick out of this! We are so glad that she is such a vibrant gal that is confident enough to share this laugh with us. We are going to have to watch this three more times for more good laughs.

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