OK Go’s New Viral Video Has An Amazing Message

OK Go One Moment

OK Go One Moment

The band OK Go has always been known for their crazy and exciting music videos. They never fail to push the envelope and really create something that will blow the audience’s mind. So when they got a call to work with Morton Salt for a very special cause, they knew they had to make something incredible. Before we get too far into the OK Go One Moment music video and the powerful message behind it, take a few minutes to watch the video.

WATCH: OK Go One Moment

Okay, that was amazing right? Did you catch that message at the beginning, “What you just saw was real and it took 4.2 seconds.” Before you can even blink all of those incredibly timed explosions are gone. It turns out, that’s the whole idea behind the song and the video. OK Go frontman and video director Damian Kulash tells Radio.com,

“What we wanted it to be was a contrast between the harshness of the outside world and the beauty of that one moment. The verses are about how the most beautiful thing, but the most tragic thing, is how fleeting and how temporary everything is. So take this moment and do something with it! So, what we wanted this video to do was to pull apart a moment of absolute chaos, which even verges on violence. And then to unpack that moment to reveal that it’s beautiful inside.”

What an incredible thought. In a world where things around us, both good and bad, happen so quickly it is important to try to make every moment amazing.

What about the salt?

The video is mind-blowing, the thought behind the song is beautiful, but you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with Morton Salt. Well, Morton recently launched a program called Walk Her Walk.

“Inspired by the iconic Morton Salt Girl, Walk Her Walk is a promise to make a positive impact in the world. It’s not enough to talk about making a difference. We intend to make one.”

Isn’t that just awesome? Oh and the explosion you see in the very first shot, that is a wall of salt containers all dyed so the salt explodes in an incredible color burst!

salt wall explosion

The video is stunning, the song is uplifting, and the message behind it is spreading kindness. What more could you want?

Credit: Ok Go, Radio.com, Morton Salt

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