Disney Characters Connect With Little Boy After Signing To Him

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Meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney is a dream come true for most kids. Usually the Disney characters stand and wave to the children, give out hugs and take photos. But this is one time that Mickey and Minnie did something truly magical.

When a deaf boy visited the park with an organization called Olive Crest, he was in for the surprise of his life. Mickey and Minnie were communicating to him through sign language. It is said that the boy is usually slow to warm up to folks but because the characters were literally speaking his language, he seemed quite receptive.

When Minnie Mouse signed, “I love you” to the little boy, he walked right into her arms for a hug. Our hearts melted into pieces as we watched it all unfold. The best part is that Minnie sealed the deal with a kiss on the little boy’s forehead.

WATCH: Disney Characters Connect With Little Boy

credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

We are so delighted that this little boy can enjoy the same things that thousands of other children have enjoyed! Even though he has trouble hearing, he certainly has no trouble communicating. We are so happy that Mickey, Minnie and Pluto were able to give this sweet boy a memory that he will likely never forget.

And we are so thankful for organizations that put together thing like this so that all children can enjoy the wonders of childhood. As for the real people inside of the Disney character, they are a G0d-send. We know that moments like this, make the work that they do worth it. After all, who wouldn’t want to tell a little boy “I love you”?

h/t:Inside Edition

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